Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Historic Convent of Mary Immaculate during the 50's

Mary Immaculate from the late 1960's - 1990's

 Class of 1965 honored at the 2015 alumni banquet were: from left: Sheila Duncan Irby, Aida Martinez Sellers, Christine Barrett Bellong, David Moore, Charlie Gomez, Priscilla Sands DeVane, Rosemarie Menendez Ward, George Warren, Barbara Bernreuter Winitzer, Lillian Haskins Waite and Greg Artman.

Below are also additional images captured from the 2015 Mary Immaculate Alumni Luncheon, If you are interested in joining us, please contact Lynn Roberts or Carol Stephens for more information at 

Flora Rueda and Maude Reynolds
Mrs. Rueda being cute with Zulema Canalejo Pradas-Bergnes

Father Baker blessing our meal

Our adorable alumni LT Perpall and his sweet wife, Shirley

These alum are all smiles for a quick photo

More beautiful alumni enjoying our annual event

The rowdy table who seemed to have won a lot of door prizes !

The Class of 77 enjoying time together !!!

Principal Robert Wright from the Bascilica School Formerly MIHS

Alumni luncheon helpers : Talia & Megan

Your MIHS Alumni Committee: from left; secretary: Beth Cabrera Oropeza, vice president: Lynn Borges Roberts, president: Carol Roberts Stephens and  treasurer Doria Goodrich.

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